Now and Then (1944 and 2007)

-Liberation of Noorbeek-

Noorbeek was the first liberated community in the Netherlands during World War 2. This honor was for the 119th regiment of the 30th Infantry Divsion (better known as 'Old Hickory'), liberating our village at 12 September 1944.

'Then' taken on: 12 and 13 September 1944
'Now' taken on: 7 November 2007

Location of all pictures in Google Earth

Location: "Onderstraat". Truck (Anti-Aircraft Artillery) entering Noorbeek from the South-West side.
Location: "Pley". Jeep crossing the main square in Noorbeek (d'r Pley).
Location: "Dorpstraat". Jeep driving near the ex monastery of Noorbeek. At the left a Dutch Police motorcycle.
Location: "Dorpstraat". Note: check the markings on the jeep's bumper standing for the XIX (19th) Corps Hq
Location: "Dorpstraat". US M10 Wolverine Tank-Destroyer heading towards the North-East side of the village.
Location: "Dorpstraat". M10 Tank-Destroyer (803rd Tank Destroyer Battalion) next to old pension "De Kroon". The building next to that is the former city hall of Noorbeek.
Location: "Bovenstraat". US soldiers with Noorbeek citizens. Note: The building at the background was broken down and new buildings where placed instead.
Location: "Bovenstraat". US privates in the then less populated streets of the village.
Location: "Bovenstraat". Sherman tank (743th Tank Battalion) passing the last house of the village and heading North-East towards Terlinden and Hoogcruts.
Location: "Pley". Picture taken at 10.15 AM (est. 13 Sept. 1944) with at the back the St. Brigida church and chapel. In the front a WC-63 Truck, Cargo, 1 1/2 ton, 6x6 Dodge (G507) with a British (M1 57mm) 6 pounder cannon behind it.

Pictures 'then' where taken by J. Raeven
Pictures 'now' where taken by Frank Gubbels and Jeroen van Can

With special thanks to A. Lasoe for giving information about the vehicles.

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